About us

Sturtevant Transmission and Auto Repair was began in 1992 when Silvio Frank Aiello and his wife Patricia found themselves in a difficult position. Frank worked for American Motors until they closed. He then worked for Chrysler for over twenty years retiring in 2003. During the frequent layoffs, he found it difficult to provide for his family.

Frank had always been an avid mechanic. He had a passion and a knack for repairing vehicles, most often times in his back yard. In 1992, during just such a layoff, fate stepped in. While out looking for a building for other purposes, his wife Patricia and daughter Annette happened upon the former gas station and garage of Pugh’s Oil Company of Racine. The Sturtevant location at 9800 Durand Avenue seemed ideal, and the sign in the window read: “Rent with option to purchase.” Thus was born Sturtevant Transmission Repair.

Over the following years Frank with Patricia at his side watched the business quickly grow. By the time Frank was called back to Chrysler, it became obvious that he would soon be unable to handle the business at night and on weekends. Fortunately, Frank and Pat had a son Michael, who was very interested in Tool and die and mechanics. He came to work at the garage and under his father’s watchful eye it soon became evident that he shared his father’s skill and passion for repairing cars.

Mike and his father recognized early on that in addition to transmission services, the area lacked honest, dependable auto repair at a fair price. For this reason they became a full service repair shop handling foreign and domestic cars and trucks, using the latest diagnostic equipment and techniques. Mike built a reputation in the community for honest, dependable service at a fair and reasonable price. His crew of mechanics are carefully supervised by Mike and provide a level of service respected and admired in the community.

When Frank and Patricia left the business, they sold it into the capable hands of Michael and his wife Katy. The Aiello’s are proud of the business now called Sturtevant Transmission and Auto Repair and plan to positively serve the Sturtevant/Racine/Kenosha area for years to come

Mike has earned his reputation with the credo “We service it right the first time” and that is exactly what you can expect each and every time you visit.